Bushwick Restaurant Mama Joy’s Abruptly Shutters

Photo via Maria Gotay/Brokelyn
Photo via Maria Gotay/Brokelyn

Some sad, unexpected news from Bushwick’s restaurant scene: Mama Joy’s, purveyor of soul food and cocktails since summer 2012, has shut its doors for good, according to DNAinfo. Reportedly, business had been dwindling over the past few months. But the news isn’t all bad. Bunna, a well-received Ethopian pop-up that’d been using the space since July, will still be serving, and may set up shop there permanently.

“We’re like a pop-up in a vacant restaurant. We’re holding our own,” founder Sam Saverance told the site, adding, “There’s a possibility we might stay. It’s definitely an option.” Which is a good development—we’re pro any cuisine in which bread is used as vehicle for everything, and Bunna’s been getting rave reviews—but also a real bummer for anyone who ever tried the Mama Joy’s shrimp and grits. Those were delicious.

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