Which Brooklyn Neighborhoods Have The Best Food Delivery Options? Here’s A Map

Brooklyn Food Delivery Heatmap - Map of BK's Best Neighborhoods for Food Delivery

Via Rentenna, an infographic we weren’t necessarily clamoring for (but are happy to dissect anyway) mapping Brooklyn’s neighborhoods by food delivery options. It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to anyone that Park Slope came out on top here.

South Slope and Gowanus clock in second and third, with Williamsburg rounding up the last spot in the top ten. Really though, almost every neighborhood in the borough seems pretty solid, with exceptions around Flatbush and Sea Gate. So, did we learn anything particularly illuminating here? Yes. The map includes little fork and knife icons indicating top-rated restaurants that are willing to deliver, through which we learned that both Dumont Burger and Lobster Joint don’t require you to leave the house to eat their food. Meaning, our friends who can afford to live in Williamsburg and Greenpoint can expect us to invite ourselves over for dinner in the immediate future. Maybe even within the next couple of hours.

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