Wait, Maybe We Really SHOULD All Move To Queens

Photo via Craigslist
Photo via Craigslist

Normally, talk of throwing in the towel and moving to Queens is reserved for days when Brooklyn real estate news is particularly dire, but not today. Today, via New York Shitty, we learned of this incredible $2,000/month apartment in Ridgewood, which, for a $10,000 deposit can be yours, and furnished as-is (because really, would you want it any other way?). “Has a lot of mirrored walls looks like a upscale nightclub inside. 2 HUGE closets so you have plenty of closet place. This apartment comes fully furnished!!!! with raymour &flanigan furniture,” boasts the Craigslist post.

The club-partment also includes a disco ball, the mirrored hallway and lion bust pictured below, big screen TVs, a leather couch, a bar, and bunk beds. Perfect for a young family, guy or gal about town, burgeoning Qreme addict … really, just perfect.

Photo via Craigslist
Photo via Craigslist

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  1. This is a really lazy potshot at Queens. I’m exhausted by the recurring theme of viewing Queens as a lesser borough to Brooklyn. You’re using this Craigslist ad as an excuse to say something derogatory about Queens. Being a New Yorker should be about celebrating all that each borough has to offer and that includes both the hip and the not-so hip. Do you think apartments like this don’t exist in Brooklyn? Would you consider moving to Brownsville or East New York “giving up”? They’re still Brooklyn neighborhoods.

    Of course Ridgewood is becoming popular due to its proximity to Bushwick and Williamsburg and it saddens me that many people feel like they are forced to live there or are settling when in fact Ridgewood has a rich and diverse history of its own. My hometown hood of Maspeth is faced with a similar fate, I’m sure. My parents are from Brooklyn and raised me in Queens and made a point of exposing me to the diversity of all of NYC. That is the way real New Yorkers inhabit the city.


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