Nine Williamsburg Coffee Shops To Visit Instead of Dunkin’ Donuts

Photo via @LeedsRadio
Photo via @LeedsRadio

So maybe you’re thrilled that Williamsburg will soon have multiple Dunkin’ Donuts locations, maybe you’re heartbroken, maybe you’re enraged, maybe you don’t care about this news story even a little. Whatever your stance, seems like we can all agree that there are lots if independently-run small businesses in the neighborhood where you can not only keep your money in the local economy, but get a much, much better cup of coffee.

Not that Coolatas or whatever don’t sometimes have their place (or that you don’t sometimes need a coffee place that’ll let you use a credit card on a $2 purchase), but given the amount of truly exceptional coffee shops in the neighborhood, seems like a shame not to highlight them. You’ll never have to carry around a horrible, squeaking styrofoam cup again, if you don’t want to.



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