Williamsburg Bar Donna Was Destroyed By A Fire This Weekend, Closed Until Further Notice


Donna, a staple of Williamsburg’s bar scene and one of the many beautiful interiors designed by Evan and Oliver Haselgrave (they’re also responsible for Tørst and Alameda), was largely destroyed by an electrical fire over the weekend, and will be closed for repairs until further notice, Eater NY reports.

Owner Leif Young Huckman posted on the bar’s Facebook page:

“Building Donna and watching it grow has been for me one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, and the staff that has stuck by me and grown alongside it continue to inspire me to make Donna one of the most welcoming, beautiful, transportive and fun spaces I have ever been in. Watching it get partially demolished last night was a surreal experience I have yet found the words to describe.

But walking out into the brisk New York night afterwards, my phone alight with words of support and encouragement from my friends, family and brethren in the industry, my staff by my side, I say to you that we will rebuild. We will come back. And it will be as beautiful and magical as it once was, perhaps even more.

Until then, please keep us in your thoughts. If you own a bar or restaurant, let us know if you need shifts covered so I can send my wonderful staff your way. We are still here to be of service, just as of now not only in one fixed location. Soon, very soon, I will be pleased to inform you of our triumphant return. “

Thankfully, Huckman also noted their “great insurance policy” and seems confident that they’ll be back. Obviously we wish them a speedy comeback (and second Huckman’s encouragement to keep an ear out for temporary jobs for the bar’s staff, in the meantime). If Alaska’s any kind of model, they’ll be back in no time.

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