Here’s the Brooklyn Sex Map That You’ve Been Waiting For

Everything I know about sex, I learned from Salt-n-Pepa.

Do you ever wonder how much your neighbors are having sex? Well, I mean, you can probably hear how much some of you neighbors are having sex because walls and ceilings in this city are not all as thick as you wish them to be. But what about the neighbors whose beds you don’t hear banging against the wall? Or the neighbors who you don’t run into in the hallways with a different person every week? How much sex are they having with different people? Well! If they live in Bay Ridge, probably not much.

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The dating site HowAboutWe put together a map (below) based on data from the 2012 Community Health Survey which shows where in New York people participate in “a healthy dose of promiscuity.” And, apparently, a “healthy dose” means having sex with three or more people over the course of a year. There is no mention of what would be “unhealthy,” but I’d guess…no people? Having sex with no people seems unhealthy. Also, as Fucked in Park Slope points out, there is no mention of what “sex” even entails. Does oral count? Won’t somebody please count oral?!

Anyway. In Brooklyn, it turns out that the most promiscuous neighborhoods are Bed Stuy/Crown Heights (where 12.3% of the people fit into the dating website’s definition of promiscuous) and Williamsburg/Bushwick (where 9.5% do). The neighborhoods in Brooklyn with the lowest rates of promiscuity include Brooklyn Heights/Park Slope (which, this odd coupling comes in at 5.6%) and Bay Ridge at 4.15%. Yikes! But the really scary information just might be that no Brooklyn neighborhood is as promiscuous as the utlra-sexy folks over in…Staten Island. Yes, that’s right, Brooklyn. People in Staten Island are having more sex than you are, and with a wider variety of partners. Do with that information what you will. Just do it safely.

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