Here Are Five Islands That Cost Less Than Many New York Apartments


This is a much nicer view to wake up to than one of Prospect Avenue. c/o
This is a much nicer view to wake up to than one of Prospect Avenue.

Remember how funny it was to learn that you could buy a European castle for less money than you’d spend on some not-so-nice New York City apartments? It was so funny, right? Ha. Well, the New York Post reported yesterday that there is an island for sale in Patterson, NY that costs less than the average New York City apartment. And it’s not just like you’d be buying the island itself. No, for under a million dollars, you’d get the land, sure, but also a 4-bedroom, 5,600 square foot house. And, the Post points out, the house on Willow Island not just any house. No, this “one-acre property also comes with its own special New York City provenance. The house was built by one of the engineers who created the Holland Tunnel.” Or, you know, you could buy this less than 1,000 square foot, 2-bedroom apartment right on a busy street and next to a massive public elementary school in Park Slope. Oh, New York real estate. You’re so funny.

But this did get us thinking. Is this island the only one of its kind? Or are there more island wonderlands available for purchase that are more attainable than buying an apartment in Brooklyn? Well, as it turns out, New York State is “an island hotspot!” There’s even a website called for all of you out there who need to have your private islands aggregated so you can better choose which one to buy. And guess what? If Willow Island is a little out of reach for you? There are even cheaper islands to be had. Check out these other five islands, and their Brooklyn apartment equivalents. And cry a little. Because that’s what real estate is supposed to make you do, right? Cry? Yeah, that sounds about right.


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