Five Months In, Citi Bike Still Hasn’t Killed Anybody

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Even the Citi Bike-related injuries have mostly been minor, and relatively rare (there have been about two dozen so far, presumably not including the angry pedestrians who’ve straight-up tripped over the stations). And if Bloomberg is to be believed, the bikes are actually making the streets safer, by virtue of their heightened visibility and “safety in numbers.”

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Or, to put it more bluntly, Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told the Times, “This notion of blood on the streets has not proven out.” No jinxing, though: the Times writes that “some officials have expressed a skittishness about even discussing the numbers,” citing the city’s recent, lauded week without homicides, which was immediately followed by a brutal 10-hour stretch that saw five. Still, encouraging news, especially for a program still in its infancy. Looks like we can all go back to trumping up charges of elitism against the bikes, then.

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