Bathroom Attendants: “Creepy Toilet Eunuchs,” Or Just People With Slightly Outdated Jobs?


A new contribution to the raging bathroom attendant debate you probably didn’t know was even happening, courtesy of the Post

“News that Balthazar owner Keith McNally has relieved bathroom attendants of their duties at the great Soho brasserie means one very good thing: People will return to their tables with cleaner hands. That will surprise only the maybe three New Yorkers out of 8 million who actually like having a toilet eunuch hand you towels and grovel for a tip. I’d rather face a squeegee man than a potty porter. I flee a restaurant john without soaping my contaminated fingers rather than have my hands held by a creepy stranger who makes me feel like I’m the one begging.”

Totally legitimate and proportionate to the situation at hand. Finally, a voice to the voiceless New Yorkers who’ve always felt that every time they take a piss, it’s “an act deserving respectful silence.”

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