Drinks, Discounts, The Return of the Endless Summer Truck, and Everything Else You Need To Know About Saturday’s Brooklyn Vintage Crawl

Austin McAllister
Austin McAllister

For the past two years, the Brooklyn Vintage Crawl has provided us all with an always-welcome excuse to spend a day working our way from store to store, buying vintage clothes at a discount and downing little plastic cups of champagne.

Which is exactly as it was intended. Emily Lichtenberg, who co-founded the event with Kathryn Irby, jokes that at first, it was “really just my excuse to get all my friends to day drink/ shop with me.” Since then, it’s turned into something much bigger, expanding its reach over most of North Brooklyn and culminating in a huge after-party at Brooklyn bowl. As we gear up for tomorrow’s Crawl, which goes from 12pm to 8pm, here’s everything you need to know about free drinks, cheap clothes, and Brooklyn’s newest vintage hubs. It’s gonna be a pretty good day.


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