Six Old-School Brooklyn Bakeries To Get You Through The Closing Of Cammareri Bros.


Yesterday, news started circulating that Cammareri Bros, which has operated in Brooklyn under different incarnations for the past 92 years (and also made a memorable appearance in Moonstruck), had filed for bankruptcy. It’s a pretty significant loss for film buffs, Cher fans, prolific bread eaters, or just anyone with a healthy appreciation for local history.

But it’s also by no means any kind of death knell for Brooklyn’s beloved, old-school bakeries, which still seem to dot most neighborhoods even as twee, slightly more expensive versions of essentially the same products flood the market by the day. So, no time like the present to indulge in a few pierogies, cannoli, freshly made black-and-white cookies, and a few loaves of actual bread. All of which can be eaten during a teary-eyed, commemorative viewing of Moonstruck, if that’s where your head is at right now.


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