This Yard Full Of Mutilated Baby Dolls Is Riling Up Boerum Hill

Image via New York Post
Image via New York Post

Probably not as much as if it went up unexpectedly in April or something, but still, at least a few people seem a little pissed about this Boerum Hill couple’s Halloween display: Gothamist reported one parent shielding her child’s eyes from the spectacle (really), and another told the site, “Wow. That’s fucked up. They must not have kids. This really reflects poorly on Brooklyn and this neighborhood.” Moreso than crazy overreactions to creative, delightfully macabre holiday decorations? Eh.

The Post talked to the local filmmaker responsible for the decorations (which also include a gutted baby doll lying on a bloody operating table), who explained, “Every year the neighbors look forward to it. The kids say, ‘More gore! More blood!’ This is my neighborhood. I’m not going to hurt kids.”

And for the most part, the neighbors seem to get it. “There’s always going to be somebody who’s like ‘Waa, waa, it’s too scary to walk down Bergen St.,'” one local told the Post, and another added, “If the kids are frightened, walk on the other side of the street.” Meaning, then, that Gothamist’s angry eye-covering woman was probably (hopefully) an outlier, and that a mild anti-kid backlash is forming in south Brooklyn? Or just that Halloween is proceeding exactly as it should.

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