Bay Ridge Man Terrorized By Haunted Lawnmower

lawn mower

Today’s worthwhile Craigslist detritus (and Bay Ridge detritus): this normal looking lawnmower, which may or may not have ties to some kind of sinister spiritual entity.

At least, something’s going on with this thing that’s weird enough to compel its owner to offer it up for free on Craigslist. From the original listing:

“i have noticed an unusual spike in paranormal activity whenever i cut my grass. i have called the police and they refuse to to do anytyhing YET they send helicopters by my house every night. the blades are sharp and it works fine but i run a christian home and i will not have any evil spirits around my family or my lawn. can sell it for scrapp. “

Sort of raises more questions than it answers, but if you don’t mind taking a risk (or landing yourself on some kind of NYPD watch list), seems worthwhile. Free yard equipment (unlike malicious ghosts) doesn’t just come along every day.

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