Eight Ways You Should Spend Your Remaining Fall Weekends in Brooklyn


People seem to love the fall so much (and love talking about how much they love the fall) that the whole thing has become sort of a punchline at this point. Which, alright, maybe most pumpkin beer is kind of watery and overrated, and maybe we’ve talked a few too many times about the “first pumpkin latte of the season.” Fine. There are worse things a person could have on their conscience.

And anyway, this really is a fairly ideal time of year for getting out there and doing things. It’s not oppressively hot or cold, the food (and booze) is wonderful, there’s a lot of spooky Halloween-related stuff going on that tends to be more fun than the actual holiday itself. And everyone seems quietly committed to enjoying themselves as much as they can before just leaving the house means traveling with several extra pounds of soggy, snow-encrusted winter-wear that you have to stuff into a corner or under your table every time you sit down at a new bar. But for now, that particular horror is far away. For now, we can happily spend our time drinking under the fall foliage, searching for ghosts that may or may not exist (they probably do), and snacking while watching as many horror movies as any one person can possibly stand.



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