Five Awful Things And one Amazing Thing I Found On the Leftover Swap App


  • No.

News has been making the rounds this week about the new LeftoverSwap app, and rightly so. A lot of food gets wasted here, and a lot of people are broke and could use a free meal. Not necessarily people traipsing around the city with iPhones, but still. It’s a nice idea.

So what kind of stuff are people putting on here? Other than the rich jerks in DUMBO, who thus far seem to have contributed precisely nothing? Well, from what I can tell, nothing too desirable (even with the adjusted expectations that come with browsing stranger leftovers), except for the occasional jackpot. Here’s what happened to be on offer last night:

-Half a box of lemon crisps (“they were never good, but are available”)

-2 separate offers of a single bottle of water

-Improv Show passes (?!!)

-Amstel Light and a half a bag of Goldfish

-The above Jelly Belly discards

-Vanilla Brownie sundae (“Almost melted. Leaving Dos Caminos soon. Come quick”)

Up to you to decide which of these things is awful (*cough* unsolicited improv passes) and which would be a godsend if you happened to be in the neighborhood (obviously beer and Goldfish). Anyway, this seems like something we won’t really be able to make a judgment call on until it gets a bigger critical mass of users, so results TBD, I guess. But whoever’s trying to plug an improv show to a bunch of hungry strangers? Stop it, right now.

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