Five Awful Things And one Amazing Thing I Found On the Leftover Swap App


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News has been making the rounds this week about the new LeftoverSwap app, and rightly so. A lot of food gets wasted here, and a lot of people are broke and could use a free meal. Not necessarily people traipsing around the city with iPhones, but still. It’s a nice idea.

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So what kind of stuff are people putting on here? Other than the rich jerks in DUMBO, who thus far seem to have contributed precisely nothing? Well, from what I can tell, nothing too desirable (even with the adjusted expectations that come with browsing stranger leftovers), except for the occasional jackpot. Here’s what happened to be on offer last night:

-Half a box of lemon crisps (“they were never good, but are available”)

-2 separate offers of a single bottle of water

-Improv Show passes (?!!)

-Amstel Light and a half a bag of Goldfish

-The above Jelly Belly discards

-Vanilla Brownie sundae (“Almost melted. Leaving Dos Caminos soon. Come quick”)

Up to you to decide which of these things is awful (*cough* unsolicited improv passes) and which would be a godsend if you happened to be in the neighborhood (obviously beer and Goldfish). Anyway, this seems like something we won’t really be able to make a judgment call on until it gets a bigger critical mass of users, so results TBD, I guess. But whoever’s trying to plug an improv show to a bunch of hungry strangers? Stop it, right now.

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