The Ten Best Kale Dishes in Brooklyn


So, perhaps you’ve heard already, but kale has now officially been declared (by the paper of record, no less) as being “so ubiquitous in Brooklyn that it could be named the borough’s official vegetable.” Hooray for kale! No, but really. Hooray for kale. Kale is delicious and a superfood and all that good stuff. Sure, some people go a little overboard in their love for leafy greens, as demonstrated in this past Sunday’s front-page story in the New York Times. wherein we learned all about how a “kale crusader” (um) has decamped to Paris from New York to spread the gospel of this nutrient rich cruciferous vegetable. Unfortunately for Kristen Beddard, kale evangelist, Paris doesn’t really care about kale, finding it “superfluous” to the already healthy, balanced French diet. But just because Kristen Beddard maybe goes a little bit overboard in her kale enthusiasm, it doesn’t mean that kale isn’t great. Because you know where kale is always needed and never redundant? Brooklyn! Kale is everything here, so we thought we’d celebrate kale and Brooklyn and, like, America by highlighting the ten best kale dishes in the borough. Because in Brooklyn? You can never have too much kale.