The L Train Won’t Be Running To Bushwick On Weekends Until Late October


  • Photo via Idee Geniale

Just a quick, shitty update for just about anyone who goes anywhere in North Brooklyn on the weekends: before the MTA gives us more L service on the weekends, they’ll be shutting it down pretty dramatically, closing service between Lorimer and Myrtle-Wyckoff on the weekends through mid-October for a “track tie renewal project.”

Gothamist reports that the outages will start this weekend (from 11:45pm Friday through 5am Monday) and continue through the weekend of October 11th. So start bracing now for the shuttle bus, a long walk from the J, or dropping extra cash on car services for the next month. Or, I guess, just not going to Bushwick (or even parts of Williamsburg)? Stranger things have happened.

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