Cobble Hill’s New Power Couple (the One With the See-Through Shower) Responds to Neighbors


If you recall, there’s currently a “giant fucking glass shower” protruding out the back of a second-story Cobble Hill townhouse as part of a renovation project that its owners, a 30-something married couple, recently undertook. Trees were allegedly cut down as not to obscure the public’s view. Neighbors started talking about it, because, hey, free show.

All the attention, though, has apparently caught the couple, Julie Scelfo and James Cavoli (who are both lawyers and have three children), by surprise. Gothamist reports that they’ve now taped a giant note to the glass panes, letting everyone know they should chill out:

“Dear Neighbors, We are still under construction and we regret that our design, which was approved by the Landmarks and the city, has alarmed you. It has always been our plan to put up privacy coverings on our shower, which we anticipate will be installed in the coming weeks. Of course, the shower cannot be used until then.

We are dismayed and a bit heart sick at the attention our half-finished house has created. We have lived in Brooklyn all our adult lives. We expect to live on this block, and raise our extended family here, for the next 30 years. We look forward to a day when we know our neighbors well enough to discuss any concerns over coffee, and not in newspapers and on gossip sites on the Internet.”

So, on one hand, the shower wasn’t meant to stir up any animosity among neighbors. On the other, New York is immediately less weird by not having a married couple hoping everyone would take a peek while they shower. The end.


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