Cobble Hill is the New High Line


  • Photo via Paapaada

Well, if the High Line’s famous view of naked fornicators in the window of the Standard was pared down to a view of an outdoor glass shower belonging to a “not attractive” 30-something married couple, that is. It’s a start.

Anyway, Gothamist reported this morning about a giant, fancy outdoor shower that’s been riling up the neighborhood, for the pretty straightforward reason that it provides a full-frontal view of whoever happens to be using it.

The “giant fucking glass shower,” a tipster told the site, was part of a massive home renovation undertaken by the couple (both lawyers, who also have three children), and has made just as big an impression on neighbors as you’d think it would. “The other neighbors are all talking about it. You can’t miss it. I think we all thought it was a joke or that there would be curtains, or that it wasn’t really a shower. But it is. And there’s another shower in the window directly above it.” The tipster also notes that the couple is “not attractive, I wish they were hotter and famous,” but given that the couple in question also apparently cut down three trees so that the public’s view of their naked, wet bodies wouldn’t be obscured, seems like they’re pretty proud of whatever it is they’re working with. In its own weird way, that’s sort of beautiful. In its own way.

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