The Best Tattoo Shops in Brooklyn for Tattoo First-Timers

Well, heres an option.

  • Hey, Bey, where’d you get yours? Oh, it’s fake?

There are maybe nine people I know in Brooklyn who don’t have at least one tattoo, so I’ve obviously spent the last six years wavering back and forth about whether to become one of the initiated. It goes in cycles: Every four months or so, my tattoo confidence will peak, and I’ll turn to friends, coworkers and an endless supply of online reviews to showcase my determination. Look at me, I’m actually so close to getting a tattoo, no, for real this time, I’m researching local tattoo shops. I’m practically getting a tattoo right now. Then I chicken out because forever is a long time and what if Weezer’s catalog doesn’t hold up 10 years down the road*.

But in recent weeks, my consideration has turned more serious, even going as far at to whittle down Brooklyn’s plethora of parlor options to just three&#8212those seemingly best suited for the scared and weak (or just the tattoo newbie). After all the digging and asking around, I thought I’d share my research as not to be an enabler of your first-time tattoo procrastination. Maybe one day, three years from now, we should stop thinking about it and just get one already.

*Mom, relax, I decided against the Weezer tattoo in 2006.



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