Here’s One Easy Way To Help Brooklyn Women Stay Stafe


  • Photo via Mediahistoryny

Not that it shouldn’t always be a high priority and everything, but amid reports (or at least, reports on Reddit) of an uptick muggings Bushwick, the continued search for missing Greenpoint resident Lauren Bonnano, and news today of a disturbing home invasion in Williamsburg, it’s on our minds a little more than usual.

And even though the Brooklyn Bike Patrol—which offers women all over the borough safe escorts home—has recently re-started its services (they were forced to shut down earlier this summer when founder Jay Ruiz had a heart attack), Brokelyn reports that Ruiz is still swamped with medical bills, and friends have put together a GoFundMe account to help raise the $3,000 his time in the hospital ended up costing.

Given that Ruiz and his fellow Bike Patrol volunteers offer up their services for free, seems like chipping in to make sure he stays healthy and out of unnecessary medical debt is the least we can all do. The immediate enactment of universal healthcare and a global end to violence against women being “the most we can all do,” but, baby steps.

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