The J Train Peeping Tom Has One of the Worst Excuses We’ve Ever Heard


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Last week, 24-year-old Gabriel Cardona was arrested at the Marcy Avenue station of the JMZ because, the New York Post reports, he had “secretly filmed women through open apartment windows” from the station’s elevated platform. We have to say that we’re in full agreement with the victim of the crime, a 29-year-old teacher, who told the Post, “It’s horrible. It’s creepy and it’s nasty.” It is indeed all of those things. And, of course, it is also illegal. So what did Cardona have to say for himself once the police arrived? What excuse could he possible have for this complete invasion of privacy and horrible lack of basic human decency?

“I wasn’t going to put it on YouTube.” Yes, that’s right. Cardona’s entire rationale was that it wasn’t such a big deal that he was surreptitiously filming a woman who was in the privacy of her own home because he had no intentions of disseminating the video on YouTube. What a hero. What Cardona was planning on doing before he was interrupted by the cops was simply taking the video home because “it was a thrill for him” and he wanted to “show it to his girlfriend.”

Once police heard that they immediately released him because, wow, so romantic. Except, no. Cardona was charged with unlawful surveillance and will hopefully learn from this that women’s bodies do not exist solely for him to get “a thrill,” and that if he wants to show something titillating to his girlfriend they can watch porn on the Internet just like all law-abiding citizens do.

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