Sponsored Video: Do You Know How to Pre-Party?

Primpin, yall

  • Primpin’, y’all

There is no doubt that the absolute worst part of going out, of being at some cool new bar or whatever with all your friends while talking and drinking and dancing and maybe even meeting new people, is all the preparation that goes into it. First of all, you have to wake up. Then, you have to get out of bed and then, after watching anywhere from six to eight hours of, say, Girl Code (maybe that’s just us), you have shower and find clothes to wear and generally make yourself presentable, which is obviously a total drag. Which is why the video below resonates with us: If you’re going to spend all that precious, precious energy getting yourself ready, you should probably give yourself a break and just spend the night at home. There’s food, which you too probably have; there’s music, which you too probably have; and there are beverages, which you should be drinking. But if you’ve got all this, nothing’s stopping you from inviting a few friends, and the best part about your friends at an impromptu get together are the things they bring, like more snacks, drinks, and people. At this rate, spending the night is quickly looking like a party, or, better yet, a pre-party. We agree with this video: the pre-party is the best part of a weekend night out on the town. All signs point to your group bringing the party to the world, and not the other way around. You’ll find the complete video after the jump.

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