Which New York City Candidate Photoshopped A Picture of Hillary Clinton’s Endorsement?


Just when you thought local politics couldn’t get any sleazier, the Daily News revealed yesterday that one candidate photoshopped an old image of himself and Hillary Clinton to make it look like she currently endorses his bid for office. Who is this manipulative, lying pile of garbage?

It’s none other than Brooklyn’s own Vito Lopez! That’s right. The disgraced former head of Brooklyn’s Democratic Party—who resigned from the state Assembly after charges of sexual harassment, but is now running for City Council—was exposed by the Daily News for releasing a doctored photo that now gives the appearance of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsing Lopez. What a scumbag.

The News reports, “The original image, shot by John Roca for the News on July 20, 2000, shows Lopez standing with Clinton in front of a banner that says ‘Elect Diana Reyna.’ But the banner in the photo on the mailer says ‘Elect Vito Lopez.’ The caption blares, ‘Hillary Clinton praises Assemblyman Vito Lopez for his tireless advocacy on behalf of the elderly.’ A moustached man with glasses stands between the two in the middle of the original photo. In the Lopez mailer, that guy’s head has been switched out for someone else’s.”

Lopez used this doctored image on a campaign mailer (originally reported on New York Shitty), and while the mailer doesn’t explicitly claim Clinton’s endorsement, the new image pretty much speaks for itself. Lopez has not commented on the photo yet, but what is there to say really? That he’s a lying and corrupt piece of scum? Didn’t we already know that? Ugh. New York deserves so much better than this.

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How stupid does Lopez think we are?

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  • How stupid does Lopez think we are?


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