Must We Beg? Bring the Dunkin’ Donuts Cronut to the States!


Cronut hysteria is spreading. As previously documented, New Yorkers have been acting borderline deranged over the Manhattan-birthed hybrid dessert since it came down from the heavens at Dominique Ansel Bakery months ago. The hype (over-hype?) is now reaching epidemical heights as it spreads overseas, ravaging the souls/arteries of innocent South Koreans and Filipinos.

Gawker reports that Dunkin’ Dounuts has revealed two cronut knockoffs over the last two weeks on foreign soil, both of which are being deprived from American stores and mouths. The people of Seoul are currently in the midst of happily shoving their faces with “New York Pie Donuts,” unveiled over the weekend at several stores in “high-end neighborhoods.” Meanwhile, in Manila, Filipinos are being lured into local Dunkin’ shops by the new “Donut Croissants,” available in the world’s best flavors: apple cinnamon and choco almond.

How are people handling it? Well, here’s a look at the lines that have been forming outside a few of the chosen stores. There’s a “two-cronuts-per-customer” mandate already in effect in Seoul. We can only hope this means Dunkin’ will consider a New York launch because we want sugar and we want it now. With a major retailer in the cronut (but-not-really-“cronut”-because-copyright-laws) game, lines will be shorter, doughnut-croissants will be cheaper, at least one of us (me) will be happier, fatter.

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