Mysteriously, Williamsburg Seems To Be 100% Free From Cockroaches


At the very least, the restaurants that have been formally inspected seem to be? And even that seems kind of dubious. Brokelyn posted yesterday about the handy New York City Roach Map, which is mostly just what it sounds like: a map, divided up by zip code, of how many city inspectors have reported roach sitings in a given area each week. Useful stuff, if not necessarily quite as game changing as the Bed Bug Registry.

But here’s the weird part: scroll all the way down the list, and what neighborhood should be at the very bottom, with 46 registered inspections (for perspective, a lot of neighborhoods only had one, if that) and zero reported roach incidents, but 11211. The crowded, restaurant-heavy heart of Williamsburg.

Which, of course, is a nice surprise (as is the news that equally restaurant-heavy Astoria also registered zero roach problems). Definitely better than the other way around. But is this really possible? Zero roaches? None at all? In a busy, often-dirty, waterfront-adjacent neighborhood, with restaurants that tend to be run by young, up-and-coming first-time business owners? I mean again, if neighborhood restaurants are totally, completely roach-free, that’s great. No need to raise any eyebrows at hard-working inspectors or restaurateurs. It just feels too good to be true, is all. Maybe it’s time to learn how to trust.

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