On National Tequila Day, 10 Brooklyn Cocktails To Help You Celebrate


Not to be confused with National Margarita Day. That’s in February, and a bridge we’ll cross when we come to it (though there will, of course, be a few margaritas on this list). But way too often, tequila finds itself relegated to the realm of shots, overly sweet margaritas, or something your friends will only drink on special occasions because “I just don’t know, tequila always makes me act ca-raaazy.

This is an unfair mischaracterization. If you went apeshit and started throwing chairs or whatever, that’s on you, not a specific, common strain of liquor. And anyway, a nice smoky tequila can be the perfect base for cocktails, when employed correctly. With that said, let’s step down off this particular soapbox and start planning your day of festive themed drinking, yes?


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