Brooklyn’s Most Iconic Signs

By the end of the week, the classic Eagle Clothes sign, which has stood over Third Avenue and Sixth Street since the 1950s, will be entirely dismantled, DNAinfo reports. Business has been so good for U-Haul, which now owns the building since the vicissitudes of fashion forced Eagle into bankruptcy in the 80s, that it’s adding two floors to the building, and two extra floors plus the sign would violate maximum-height limits. The company seems to have gone surprisingly far in trying to do the right thing by the sign, including trying to contact surviving Eagle family and reaching out to people and groups in the community, none of whom came forward. The plan now is that “U-Haul will keep the sign’s pieces and incorporate some of them into the expanded building as a nod to the neighborhood’s bygone days,” the website reports, and U-Haul will “put other imagery on the renovated building that will reference its surroundings.” We’ll miss you, Eagle Clothes sign. Here some other iconic Brooklyn signs you’ll want to enjoy before they’re lost forever, too.


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