Hot Enough for Ya? Ugh. Here Are Five Easy Ways to Beat the Heat

New York CIty, heat, subway, summer

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  • The subway is the WORST.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s really fucking hot outside. The kind of hot where it’s even acceptable to make small talk by saying things like Hot enough for ya? And, really, it should NEVER be acceptable to open conversations this way. Yet here we are. In hell. And so even though it’s technically going to get a little cooler starting tomorrow (only 93 degrees instead of 99), I thought it might not be the worst idea to offer some tips that go beyond the obvious ones of heading off to a pool or a beach to cool down. These aren’t guaranteed to keep you comfortable at all times, but they ought to help. I hope so anyway, because they’re all I’ve got, and I’m dying here.


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