A Visitor’s Guide to the Brooklyn Flea


Of all the things that draw newcomers to Brooklyn on weekends in the summer, there aren’t a lot that are more recognizable or well-known than the Brooklyn Flea. And with good reason. If you’re willing to brave crowds, dig a bit, and pay a slightly higher premium than you would if you were scouting for antique furniture at, say, an undiscovered upstate Salvation Army, there’s gold to be found here.

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And even on days when you don’t find gold, there is, at the very least, an unmatched opportunity for window shopping (we use the term “window” loosely), people-watching, and the consuming of very good food. It can all be a little overwhelming to dive into for the first time, and as such, we’ve compiled a starter’s guide on which branch’ll serve you best, what booths and snacks to look out for, and of course, where to go for a well-deserved drink once you’re done.

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