5 Brooklyn Dishes For When It’s Too Hot To Think About Food


Now listen, I’m all about classic summertime foods. Tacos, hot dogs, barbecue, bottomless Hint of Lime chips, whatever. No one’s trying to re-invent the wheel here. But when it’s this hot? So hot that just the thought of putting anything into your body other than ice water (and possibly iced coffee) makes your belly weirdly swell and your face preemptively start sweating? A lot of that stuff is way too much.

But since you do still technically eat to survive, there’s gotta be something acceptable out there, right? Well, yes. There are a few things it does still feel nice to eat in this weather, and in the interest of getting through this insanity together, we’ve rounded up five of the best for you. May you never set foot in a steamy kitchen until this whole thing is over.


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