10 of Brooklyn’s Most Beloved TV and Movie Locations


Now, we’ve made a lot of fun of things like the forthcoming Sex and the City-style bus tour of Brooklyn, designed to point out Girls shooting locations (and presumably places to consume on-trend pastries) to the eager and uninitiated. We’re not taking any of that back. But, even if we exclude the explosion of projects being shot here over the past few years, there really is a lot to be said for Brooklyn as a hub of classic movie and TV locations. And there’s also a lot to be said for pictures of yourself in front of classic locations as a cheap, impressive travel souvenir.

Especially if they’re places where you can also eat, or (spoiler) ride the Cyclone. As such, we’ve compiled ten of the borough’s most immediately recognizable locations, whether your thing is bottomless vodka and Bored To Death, violent car chases, or stacking pizza on top of other pizza.