Summer Weekend Guide: Gowanus


  • Photo via American Colossus

A couple weeks back, we brought you the complete guide to whiling away a summer weekend down in Red Hook. We hope you actually took our advice, and ate borderline vomitorium-necessitating amounts of food while you were there. So much so that you’re ready to repeat the whole thing again, in a different water-adjacent neighborhood?

Good, because this weekend we’re (and by “we’re” I guess I mean “you’re”) going to Gowanus. It may be on the banks of a smellier, less prestigious body of water than Red Hook (and supposedly on its way to being consumed by neighboring Park Slope and transformed into “Parkwanus,” a term even more grossly uncalled for than “staycation”), but all the more reason to enjoy the neighborhood now as it is, which is a low-key, often underrated place to grab a few beers, some mint-bourbon-chocolate pie (more on this later), and maybe even indulge a little 90’s nostalgia.


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