Girls Matriarch Joins Twitter, Forces the Rest of Us to Evaluate Our Relationships with Our Own Mothers


Let it be known that the original Brooklyn girl, back when “Brooklyn girls” were young artists living in Soho and didn’t evoke some sort of knee-jerk reaction, has officially entered the world of Twitter. Because it worked out that she also gave birth to Lena Dunham, this is cause for a nationwide, cross-generational celebration of mother-daughter teams with liberal arts backgrounds who are as big believers in capital-A Art as they are in each other. “We love each other as much as we love reading The New Yorker!” they cry in the streets. The rest of us our left wondering why our moms called to tell us they just got the family vacation pictures back and realized they don’t like our haircut.

Laurie Simmons, of course, is an accomplished photographer, longtime New Yorker, and former resident of Brooklyn Heights, making her persepctive on Jay-Z and other pop culture/political happenenings inherently more interesting than the commoner’s. You should follow her @SimmonsLaurie for interesting musings, motherly advice (we can hope!), or at least a few Twitter exchanges ending with “Love, MOM.”




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