The “Crookie” Is Now A Thing. 5 More Hybrid Desserts We’d Like To See Before This Whole Thing Is Over


Listen, we didn’t start any of this. If anyone had consulted us prior, we’d have told them that gratuitous, pun-titled franken-desserts are a waste of the public’s time when there are so many pre-existing desserts in this world that could stand to be improved upon. Hopefully, though, we can end it.

With news yesterday that in addition to bacon-infused cronut spinoffs, there’s now a “crookie” on the market, it’s clear what has to happen. We have to artificially speed up the news cycle by brainstorming every possible (or at least like 5) croissant-infused dessert hybrid that could possibly hit the already-over-saturated market, and put this whole thing to bed.


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