The War on Sidewalk Brunch Is Over. Here Are 7 Of The Best Places To Celebrate


  • Photo via Stefano Giovannini/Brooklyn Paper

Last week, after a year of political intrigue and in-fighting, the so-called “War on “Brunch” came to an abrupt end, with a City Council vote getting rid of a decades-old law preventing sidewalk brunching before noon on Sundays. As such, brunch places can now start serving sidewalk diners at 10am.

A bummer for a few vocal Greenpoint residents convinced that sidewalk seating obstructs church-goers, and a victory for just about everyone else. As some of the most beloved outdoor brunching spots in the neighborhood (and as examples of restaurants that actually received summonses for violation of the arcane law), Five Leaves and Lokal Mediterranean Bistro are well worth a celebratory visit. But in the interest of dividing our attentions evenly (and avoiding the lines that inevitably come along with the extra publicity), we’ve put together a few of the best places this summer where you can sit out front working your way through eggs and a mimosa, unbothered by either God or the NYPD, depending on who you’re more worried about. Dressler, you are already sorely missed.


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