Here Is A Map of “Hipster Heat,” In Case That Was Something You Wanted


  • Image via Yelp

And Williamsburg is hot hot hot! At least, according to people who 1) write a lot of Yelp reviews and 2) liberally toss around the word “hipster” as a descriptor.

But anyway, this is actually part of a larger word map put together by the site, in which you can track neighborhoods where reviews most frequently mention things like “bacon” (Williamsburg, East Village), “frat” (East Village, West Village, Murray Hill), “hangover” (again, Williamsburg and the East Village), PBR (ditto), and “yuppie” (East Village again, with a solid smattering in Park Slope).

Information to be taken with a grain of salt, sure, but also a crowd-sourced assessment that doesn’t seem to be too far off-base? Regardless, we’ll continue playing around with this fun, vaguely judgmental new toy for the next 20 minutes or so.

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