The McCarren Pool Ramped Up Its Security This Summer


  • Photo via Paul Ker/Brokelyn

Alright, one day in! Can we start making sweeping judgments about the success of the McCarren pool? Ehhh no, things seem pretty relaxed and unremarkable, in a good way. We do know, though, via a report from DNAinfo, that this year’s opening seems to have been accompanied by a significantly increased police presence after a few much-hyped incidents in its inaugural run last summer.

The site reports on a whole fleet of (mostly empty) cop cars parked outside the pool for its opening day, and talked to one pool-goer who said, “I definitely noticed more police vehicles, but they’re empty. I’m not sure why they’re here, if it’s for intimidation purposes. And cops weren’t as present on the pool deck.”

Still, a spokesperson confirmed, “This pool, built in the 1930s, had been closed as a pool facility since 1984 and most people in the neighborhood were not familiar with the rules and some did not appreciate at first the low tolerance for dangerous behavior. We increased enforcement and, as a result, thousands continued to enjoy the pool.”

Thus far, seems like there hasn’t been a whole lot of fighting, pooping, or running on the deck (ugh) to tamp down on. Meaning our proposal for a city-wide ban of teenagers from public spaces may not be getting the political traction it so desperately needs? I guess we still have a few months to let the chips—or jerks who see fit run on wet, crowded pool decks—fall where they may.

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