5 Things You Should Know About Brooklyn’s Silicon Valley, The “Tech Triangle”


  • Image via Brooklyn Tech Triangle Coalition/WXY architecture + urban design

Earlier this week, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Coalition unveiled a massive 94-page strategic plan outlining $3 billion worth of measures intended to fashion downtown Brooklyn into a major tech hub with over 18,000 new jobs (and 43,000 “indirect jobs”) by 2015, a shift so major that the area would encompass 10 to 15 percent of the city’s overall employment.

The “Tech Triangle,” so called because it’s intended to span between DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is part of a city-wide push to turn New York into a tech capital in its own right (remember that digital jobs map?), and Coalition President Tucker Reed said at a press conference this week, “Tech is underpinning the growth of every sector in the city. NYC’s tech sector no longer is a slice of the pie; it’s the pan in which everything is baking.”

Which is sort of overwhelming to think about if you don’t have any serious tech skills to speak of (or if you’re worried about rents skyrocketing even higher than they already have), but then, it’s also pretty hard to argue against a green, civic-minded investment in infrastructure and job creation. So, in the interest of figuring out what, exactly, all of this means, we’ve pulled five key points from this whole thing, for those of you with interests like trolleys, balloons, and figuring out how to remain employed in the 21st century economy.


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