10 of Brooklyn’s Best Rum Drinks

You cant spell summer without rum.

  • c/o theclevercarrot.com
  • You can’t spell summer without rum.

Rum—is there any other alcohol currently more maligned? I mean, sure, vodka doesn’t really garner any respect from those in the know anymore, but no one will look askance if you order a vodka tonic at a bar. It’d be a boring order—and one without much of a taste—but not a tacky one. Whereas if you mention to someone, as I did recently, that you spent a pretty perfect Sunday afternoon downing daiquiris and drunkenly attempting the Times crossword, you will probably get laughed at and asked scornfully if you were on a cruise or somewhere similarly terrible. Which, really, is terribly unfair. Daiquiris and Mai Tais don’t have to be the overly sweet frozen concoctions that are only imbibed in tropical locales and/or Dallas BBQs. A well-crafted rum drink is a thing of beauty—especially in the summertime. And if you have any doubts, just try out any one of the following ten drinks. There’s no question about the fact that you’ll become not only a rum convert, but a rum evangelist in no time at all.


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