Some of the Citi Bike Backlash Actually Worked


  • Photo via Brownstoner

Well, that was pretty fast. Of all the different people who are pissed at Citi Bike, at least a few of them are getting their way.

According to Gothamist, residents of 60 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights have successfully lobbied to have a Citi Bike rack moved from its initial spot right in front of their building to a nearby location on Hicks Street.

“It logistically didn’t fit,” a source told Gothamist. “[The street] was too small for when the bikes were going to come in.”

Which is fair enough in theory, and nice that the city is taking complaints seriously, I guess. But maybe let’s not get too cocky about this? Whether this whole program turns out to be a great thing or a sad, bungled thing, it will be only be worse if it’s further complicated by constantly moving docking stations.

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