11 Gin Cocktails You Should Be Drinking This Spring


Everyone needs a little good news on a Monday, don’t they? And, ideally, the promise of a stiff drink. This weekend, the New York Times provided both, with the welcome announcement (via the lovely Rosie Schapp) that gin? Gin is back.

Now, we could spend a long time arguing that it never really went away, but that would be beside the point. The point, in this case, being that if gin is on the up and up, well, we should start re-acquainting ourselves immediately. Here are eleven of the very best reasons to welcome this, the most warm weather-friendly of hard liquors, back into your life.


  1. Bearded Lady (Prospect Heights): Ted Danson
    Do or Dine (Bed-Stuy): Rosemary’s Baby

    My two fav gin drinks in Brooklyn!!! Yummm

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