Is This The Very Worst Room In Brooklyn?


  • Photo via The Worst Room

Is such a distinction even possible? There are so many shitty rooms! Everywhere! For so much money! That people actually then agree pay, thus validating and perpetuating everything that is despicable about New York real estate! You could laugh until you cried, really. Or, you could turn this fucking horror show into a Tumblr. The creator of The Worst Room chose the latter.

The idea here is pretty straightforward, and the author explains, “this is a blog created for me to share the craigslist postings I sift through on a daily basis trying to find decent, affordable housing in New York City.”

A+ work. And if I had to choose among the current options for the very worst? I’d go with the above, which is available in Carroll Gardens for $750 a month. It’s cramped, of course, but something about the cluttered, high walls and light pouring down from an unseen source reminds me of the pit little Kirsten Dunst is put in to die in @vksmith.