Will Somebody Please, Please Buy The Endless Summer Truck?


  • Bess Adler/Brooklyn Paper

Hey, somebody, anybody! Well, anybody, with $60,000. That’s got to be at least one of you out there? Anyway, I’m politely insisting that you purchase the Endless Summer taco truck — which is now up for auction on Ebay — devote your life to the serving of tacos, and prevent one more beloved institution from disappearing from this world forever. As far as these things go, it’s actually a pretty good deal.

Per their new Ebay listing:

“The globally renown Endless Summer Taco Truck is now for sale. The enterprise that started the vending trend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (and arguably ignited the worldwide food truck craze) has nourished literally hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and established itself as a landmark in the NYC food-culture landscape.

After 5 years, both owners are relocating from NYC and have decided to sell. This is a perfect opportunity to maintain a well-established moneymaking operation or re-brand it to satisfy your own culinary vision. Either way the Bedford Ave. location and circumstances are ideal.

The bureaucracy, legal hurdles and headaches of the food truck business have thwarted many a prospective entrepreneur. We know all the tricks of the trade. We wrote the book on the Williamsburg food truck game. You are not only buying a fully-functioning vending truck with an established customer base currently operating in an unbeatable location but your are also saving yourself countless hours of legal wrangling with the Department of Health and other nightmarish city institutions. It’s hard to put a price on that. Trust us. But we have.

We are selling entire operation for $60,000.”

The listing also notes that the truck comes with “1 year left on an EXTREMELY difficult permit to obtain; a NYC city-wide mobile vending permit, with option for ongoing 2 year renewals,” which is a pretty significant incentive. So there you have it: a concrete answer to the question of “whatever happened to the greatest Williamsburg food truck of all time,” with an even more concrete solution. Buy it. We can’t let that space be taken up by the weird to-go stew truck that’s set up camp in its absence, can we? Nobody wants to eat stew out of a truck. Jesus.

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