The Top 5 Bike Day Trips in Brooklyn


After a very, very, VERY long wait, New York’s bike sharing program is finally preparing to launch. Earlier this month, Transportation Nation reported, “New York City has installed the first of 600 bicycle docking stations, which will house 10,000 bikes in much of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.” This is awesome. Bikes are now everywhere! Or they will be soon. And even if your neighborhood wasn’t among the first to get a docking station, they’re just about all over the place now. Plus, they’re pretty much impossible to ignore. Just last week, I spotted my first docking station on Front Street in front of DUMBO deli Peas & Pickles and, let’s just say, it was not unobtrusive. By which I mean, of course, that is was fucking huge. These docking stations—even more than the now-ubiquitous bike lanes—seem to be a real signal to cars that bikes are not going to go away. Cycling is here to stay, and it’s taking up parking spots, you guys. But so, now that we are about to have all these bank-endorsed bikes at our disposal, where should we ride? Or, for that matter, where should we go on our regular old bikes that we’ve had all along? I’m glad you asked! Here are five bike day trips that every cyclist—professional or amateur, bike-owner or bike-renter—should make this spring.