Cupcakes are Dead. Here Are 6 Brooklyn Desserts You Should Eat Instead


  • Losers.

What should have been obvious to the public years ago is now, finally, being reflected in the stock market: the cupcake bubble has burst. The biggest Trend Dessert of Our Time is no more.

Was it because so many of them are flavorless, or in possession of a totally incorrect cake to frosting ratio? The existence of “West Village Cupcake Tours?” The slow encroachment of the donut trend? I mean, probably all of those things, but whatever the reason, the bottom is dropping out, and after peaking at $13 a share in 2011, Crumbs’ stock has reportedly dropped to $1.70. Yikes. “It’s a short-term trend and we’re starting to see a real saturation,” one industry analyst told the Wall Street Journal. “Demand is flat. And quite frankly, people can bake cupcakes.”

So basically, that settles it. No one worth speaking to will ever let a cupcake pass their lips, ever again. Which is just fine! Brooklyn is full of good, even great desserts that haven’t been aggressively beaten into the ground. We’ve rounded up 6 of the best, just to prove it. Let’s look at pictures of these, and plan times in the near-future to eat them, okay?


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