The Best Children’s Shops in Brooklyn and What to Buy

Hank and JoJo

  • Hank and JoJo

Street-style is a big thing in Brooklyn. “You are what you wear” and all that. As a parent, though, you actually wind up entering a whole new world of “you are what your children wear.” So you need your children to look good. Does this sound…pretentious? Superficial? I mean, maybe. Maybe it sounds that way, but, really, it isn’t that way at all. The thing is, just like adults, kids like to express themselves through their clothes and accessories. Now, maybe those accessories include Spiderman masks and My Little Pony t-shirts—frequently at the same time—but it’s still self-expression. And self-expression is a great thing. We spoke with seven of the best Brooklyn kids stores and found out what items are flying off the shelves and onto the the backs of Brooklyn’s best-dressed kids. And, honestly? We wish a lot of this stuff came in grown-up sizes.