The 11 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in Brooklyn

Grand Army Plaza library

The American Library Association released its State of America’s Libraries report, including the books most frequently “challenged” by parents and administrators (number one? The Captain Underpants series), which got us thinking about all the beautiful public libraries around the borough in all their architecturally diverse glory—you know, just the exteriors, because we never actually go inside of libraries. Kidding! Here are 11 of our favorites, the most representative and distinctive we could find. (We’re not including the Grand Army Plaza on this list because, c’mon, obvs.) [photo]


  1. Your readers may be outraged to learn that one of your picks, the Brooklyn Heights Library, is actually slated for demolition to make way for a luxury residential high-rise incorporating a much smaller replacement. So is the historic Pacific Branch, the first Carnegie Library in Brooklyn and the first of its kind with a dedicated children’s room. They are part of fast-paced plans by the Brooklyn Public Library to sell off key real estate assets to developers before the end of Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. And many other libraries are on the list.

    To save these libraries, sign our petition at:

    Photos and videos of the recent 4/13 demonstration in Brooklyn Heights attended by Letitia James and Sal Albanese:

    More info:,,


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