Creating the Perfect Cold Brew, In 5 Easy Steps

Much like shorts, day-drinking, and actual sunlight, iced coffee has become one of our culture’s key harbingers of summertime. We drink a lot of it around here. But those giant, sweaty cups come at a surprisingly high price, and every summer seem to drain a lot of money out of our budgets that could be going towards other essentials like beer, or rent. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Specifically, it doesn’t have to be relegated into the category of “things that are just never as good if I make them myself.” Sure, you can just resort to sticking your leftover pot of morning coffee in the fridge and waiting around til the next day for the “iced” version, but again, it doesn’t have to be this way. For advice on how to get this right, we spoke with Kyle Lind, the barista at Skytown Cafe’s newly opened espresso bar The Counter, who was kind enough to walk us through the process. Trust us when we say that it’s all much easier than leaving the house.


  1. OO I want to try!

    Forgive me being a dummy, but 4 of what unit to 1 of what unit?

    My first assumption would be around 4 TBS of grounds per 1 cup (8oz?) of water. Does that sound right?


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