And the Most Frequently Mentioned Brooklyn Neighborhood In The New York Times Is…

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Remember when The New York Times discovered Brooklyn? When did that happen again? It seems like just last year, doesn’t it? Well, try not to be too surprised, but the Times has actually known about Brooklyn all along. The Times has been on it, you guys. But even though the Times has always known about Brooklyn, it is true that the paper has recently been writing much, much more about this borough of ours than it used to. BKLYNR has broken down mentions of Brooklyn—neighborhood by neighborhood—over the course of the last 30 years and found that mentions of the borough have changed considerably—both in frequency and in tone. Articles about violence and poverty have been replaced with pieces on hipster style and bike lanes. But what neighborhoods get mentioned the most? And which get all but ignored? It’s actually a little surprising.

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  1. Perhaps the problem is that the neighborhood isn’t named Lefferts Garden. It’s PROSPECT Lefferts GardenS. As a long-term resident of PLG (as we call it for short), it’s fine with me if the Times can’t figure us out.

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